Established in 1991

PMS is a software publishing, IT services, and engineering company founded by Georges Ladeira. Over the course of its 30 years of experience, PMS has leveraged IP convergence to provide multiple services and manage various transactions. As both publishers and integrators, we cater to our clients’ needs in the following areas:

  • Outsourcing: The PMS team acts as a subcontractor for our clients’ IT teams.
  • Helpdesk: Assistance for businesses in areas such as ERP, logistics, cashier systems, mobility (M2M), and VoIP.
  • On-site maintenance: Infrastructure, network, hardware, software, ticket management (GLPI, Sugar CRM).
  • The solutions offered by PMS are not only delivered directly but also through a network of authorized partners, resellers, integrators, and/or maintainers who provide on-site support for our products in France and abroad, following PMS processes and guarantees.

In its digital evolution, PMS advises and supports clients in their specific needs with complementary offerings tailored to the retail industry. PMS emphasizes the concept of omnichannelity, which lies at the core of our projects to enhance the customer journey.


Between 1991 and the 2000s, PMS was among a limited number of companies specializing in the design, manufacturing, and commercialization of cash register systems, POS terminals, payment systems, and electronic payment terminals.


PMS introduced a range of front and back office software specifically tailored to small and medium-sized businesses. PMS established partnerships with major market ERP publishers, integrating PMS software with renowned back office systems to meet the needs of international retail networks. PMS expanded its distribution and delivery capabilities through the growing internet revolution.


The IP convergence revolution began, marking the emergence of the first IP-based payment solutions. PMS actively participated in the early stages of VoIP solutions.


PMS developed its first mobile solutions, such as PMS Salon, a mobile solution designed in MS' Donet with near real-time capabilities, complementing the existing payment and logistics solutions.


PMS, as a pioneer, leveraged the VoIP revolution to create the PMS Box, integrating the Asterisk IPBX to combine CRM capabilities with telephony systems.


PMS introduced and distributed its first hosted server solutions, offering mobile support for PMS Salon. New ranges of PMS industry-specific software were centralized into a SaaS offering, allowing real-time support for customers' mobility needs in France and abroad, including subsidiaries, stores, warehouses, and exhibitions.


PMS R&D focused on the development of ETL Métier, a new technology based on asynchronous and synchronous transmission methods using socket and webservice protocols.


PMS Mobility Innovation: The mobile nature of our clients' activities expanded, and PMS applied its expertise in managing goods flow and customer relationships. Real-time exchange of documents became possible, and PMS supported clients in developing new front office services for PDAs, tablets, laptops running on Windows, Android, and iOS, leveraging its PMS ETL Métier technology.


PMS Logistics Innovation: The e-commerce sector experienced significant growth among our clients, driving the need for better management of last-mile delivery. This led to the emergence of Click & Collect services, prompting clients to adopt PMS logistics solutions.


Update of PMS Caisse: In response to the certification process for cash registers as mandated by the VAT Anti-Fraud Law (Article 88 of Law No. 2015-1785), which required the use of certified cash register software starting from January 1, 2018.


PMS GDB Innovation: Self-service beverage dispensing system connected to the cash register system. PMS leveraged new IoT technologies with protocols such as ISOM, REST, and Web Service.


PMS GDB Innovation: Continuation of the self-service beverage dispensing system connected to the cash register system, utilizing IoT technologies with protocols such as ISOM, REST, and Web Service.


With the rapid growth of Click & Collect systems, PMS Caisse introduced a new model that transformed the cash register into a simultaneous pre-ordering, ordering, and payment kiosk. This allowed a seamless transition back to the cash register system. The Caisse KIOSK package included integrated MPE and MPA monetics from Ingenico.


For 2023, the mandatory dematerialization of receipts will trigger a realization of the need for digitalization. PMS is undertaking an approach to integrate new partner publishers (CRM, ERP, PLM, GPAO, MES, PIM, WMS, BI, etc.) to offer a 360-degree omnichannel solution.


With us, it's already a new time...