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  • Goods reception, identification, and labeling
  • Stock management and inventory
  • Stock status control by warehouse and location
  • Goods movement management between warehouses
  • Parcel preparation and shipment of goods


  • Solution complementing the Client’s Back Office (ERP, MES, WMS, etc.)
  • Optimization of goods flows for simple warehousing based on management documents (supplier orders, customer picking lists, production orders, etc.)
  • Quick implementation thanks to available PMS ETL connectors
  • Solution suitable for SMEs and mid-sized companies for operation without the need for an ERP


  • Faster goods reception control
  • Time savings and guarantee of accurate order preparation
  • Efficient and time-saving inventory verification
  • Document assignment on handheld devices (PDA)
  • Real-time updated stock status of your warehouses
  • Data security and integrity

Your Logistics solution for managing goods flows and traceability in your warehouses.

Parcel reception, manufacturing management, inventory control, stock in/out management, customer shipment.

Automatic synchronization of Back Office databases with the management application.

Management of barcode label printing, tracking/handling of purchase, sales, and stock documents from your WiFi-enabled handheld devices.

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  • Supplier reception: quantity control – processing Purchase Order into Delivery Note on handheld device (PDA)
  • Product label creation/printing
  • Manufacturing management: processing Production Preparation – Work Order – Production Note on handheld device (PDA)
  • Customer delivery: Packaging management, batch management – processing delivery preparation into Delivery Note on handheld device (PDA)
  • Carrier management: associating Transport Note number with customer Delivery Note (EDI, tracking…)
  • Inventory: Multi-PDA, zone assignment per PDA, data import into sales management, control and validation on Middle Office, Back Office/Middle Office stock status synchronization
  • Document printing for preparer
  • Real-time stock update through data synchronization, using PMS ETL tool