Cloud Wifi

Managed Services | Infrastructure (system and networks)

Cloud Wifi



  • Real-time managed services
  • Bandwidth limiting and load balancing
  • Traffic monitoring
  • WLAN-LAN-VPN network optimization
  • SD LAN – SD WAN | WiFi 6 | Mesh


  • Real-time application of configurations.
  • Centralized logs via a third-party Syslog server
  • Email-managed alerts
  • Configuration security: Autonomous or controller-only | ACL | URL filtering | LDAP or RADIUS authentication


  • Apply real-time network configuration across multiple devices in the same environment
  • Excellent WiFi coverage
  • User-friendly web interface
  • Multi-site/multi-tenant administration from a single site
  • WiFi coverage simulation on a site plan
  • Captive portal (WiFi)

The smooth operation of a company relies on the establishment of a network architecture that aligns with its needs and adheres to technical fundamentals, as well as leveraging new technologies to meet the expected security level.

This ensures the reliable processing of data in real-time for clients with their network of stores. A stable and reliable network enables the continuity of a sustainable business.

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