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Managing a Self-Service Bar

Beverage Flow Management System



  • Self-Service Beverage Flow Management System (GDB)
  • Management of barrel end and barrel change
  • Reloading RFID cards on the cash register system
  • Cards credited by customer deposits, cash management
  • Real-time consumption history consultation


  • Standalone GDB system, isolated from the cash register system
  • Allows the use of a trusted third party for data transactions (RGPD by design partner)
  • System integrated into the python line (hydraulics), compact size
  • Self-service management through contactless payment, RFID card
  • Response time for opening/closing the flow < 1s


  • Increased productivity
  • Easy to use, autonomous consumer
  • Precise, fast, and quality service
  • Maximum reliability with cutting-edge equipment | Centiliter-level flow control
  • Simplified control, configuration, and management through supervision

The GDB System (Beverage Flow Management System)

A fully automated beer dispenser that increases your efficiency and, consequently, your sales.

Self-service tasting allows customers to choose the quantity they desire while generating revenue for every centiliter served, thanks to advanced technology.

This enables you to eliminate waiting time with a high-quality service, free from foam and any wastage.

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The GDB is equipped with cutting-edge technology components.

It offers a self-service beverage flow solution connected to the cash register, allowing payment through rechargeable RFID cards via the cash register software.

The system includes an anti-foam mechanism with a barrel-end sensor integrated into our flow management system.

A set of IoT devices are also integrated into the PMS (Point of Sale) system, providing unmatched precision and reliability.