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PMS offers personalized support in your IT projects. With dedicated teams of experts and a tested and approved methodology, your digital transition will take place under the best conditions. The goal is to bring improvements without impacting your teams and work environment.

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An adaptation of the PRINCE2 Agile method to the Retail project environment.

The PMS methodology effectively combines the specificity and rigid framework of the PRINCE2 methodology with the adaptive and flexible approach that Agile is renowned for. Agility will govern project execution, while PRINCE2 processes will govern project management as a whole.

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ERP project management


Allows to align with the client on project objectives and specific missions.

Data centralization

Enables the consolidation of all documents on a secure server accessible only by the client and PMS.

Financial resource management

Facilitates tracking of budget allocation with control at each deliverable phase, sub-phase, and batch level.

Customized configuration

Allows adaptation to different client demands while meeting their needs effectively.

Multi-project planning

Ensures effective prioritization management for each project.

Tracking report

Ensures adherence to objectives and deadlines while monitoring project progress.

Project portfolio

Facilitates the management and identification of projects in line with the solutions required by prospects based on their Request For Proposal (RFP).


Ensures sufficient communication and understanding of the project's progression internally and with client teams, both before and after the project.

Time tracking

Enables fair management of workload forecasts during project execution

Human resource management

Facilitates sourcing of the best skills to meet the client project's expertise requirements.

Data consolidation

Ensures proper collection of client data and processes to maintain an accurate understanding of flows and data updates.