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  • Weight-Price management
  • Loyalty and benefits management
  • Transfer of goods between stores
  • Multi-ticket management (ticketing)
  • Multiple payment options | Payment transfer
  • VAT rate management
  • Reservation management
  • Menu/Formula/Promotion management
  • Table management


  • Integration with Third-party applications, ERP Back Office, Middle Office, etc.
  • Cashier profile management by function
  • Payment terminal (POS) integration with cash register
  • Customizable keyboard | Touchscreen
  • Salesperson management on the ticket line | Cashier authorizations


  • Quick learning curve
  • Function parameterization according to your Point of Sale environment
  • List mode/keyboard mode, detailed ticket display
  • Printing of tickets, deposits, credits, receipts
  • Financial status snapshot, Cashiers/Cash register status
  • Multi-cash centralization, monthly/annual GTZ (VAT breakdown)
  • Statistics on items, quantities, turnover, payment methods, for a specified date range…

PMS Caisse is an interoperable system with your ERP management (sales management, accounting, finance, …).

It is a comprehensive cash register system that handles financial, customer, and product flows.

The system includes loyalty management and marketing module (customer nationality).

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Our turnkey solution includes a complete POS system, cash register software, installation, on-site training, and startup assistance. PMS Caisse combines the power, cost-effectiveness, and reliability you expect. It efficiently tracks sales, executes loyalty programs, and manages supply chain transactions (stock, replenishment, inter-store transfers).

PMS Caisse is connectable and interoperable with any ERP system on the market through PMS ETL, an expert connector developed by PMS.