Utilize all available contact and sales channels.

Optimize and enhance your way of working.

360 solution for omnichannel




  • Visibility of customer activity across different channels
  • Configuration of prices, taxes, payment methods, loyalty programs
  • Easy management of all your sales points
  • Multi-channel purchasing options (mobile, web, in-store)
  • Improved sales performance
  • Customer retention
  • Collection of customer data


  • Channel fusion and implementation of a phygital strategy
  • Improved customer understanding
  • Real-time inventory management
  • Centralized customer data (purchase history, returns, e-invoices)
  • Maintaining a privileged connection with customers in all circumstances
  • Personalization of the customer experience


  • Facilitating smooth communication
  • Enhancing the customer experience with consistency
  • Increasing customer engagement rate
  • Boosting sales
  • Analyzing customer satisfaction

We accompany you in your transition to digital and work hand in hand to meet your new needs. Our goal is not to disrupt your habits but to adapt to you for a smooth implementation of your 360 Omnichannel solution.

Our approach is to complement your existing ERP, the existing management solution to be retained. PMS’s method consists of proposing several business modules to integrate/interface, following a planning that aligns with the client’s activities and interests (services).

This way, you can benefit from a comprehensive experience by using all the channels at your disposal.


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  • Management of online and offline commerce, real-time centralization of orders from stores, marketplaces, e-commerce (online orders picked up in-store).
  • Inventory updates and logistics optimization (last-mile management).
  • Omnichannel customer relationship, personalized marketing through improved segmentation and multiple communication channels.
  • Stock management by sales channel, facilitating product classification by category, family, catalog, etc.
  • Synchronization of your processes and flows.
  • The Order Management System (OMS) solution will allow you to know your real-time revenue, stock levels, and margins by sales channel. With unified data, it will be easy for you to exploit statistics and consolidated reports at any time.