Interactive kiosk

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Interactive kiosk



  • Digital display for marketing communication in your retail space
  • Signage tool, guiding the customer throughout their buying journey
  • Extension of the B2C pre-ordering process to the phygital kiosk
  • Tracking of the customer journey (from social media to personal shopper to the retail space)


  • LCD screen
  • Various formats available
  • Real automated system for order placement and automatic payment (MPA Monetics)
  • Kiosk integrating both a cash register system and Monetics
  • Optimization of the cash register area: Cash register facing the customer for pre-entry data | Cash register used by a salesperson during peak hours (Saturdays)
  • Reversible touch screen cash register kiosk for operating 2 products in 1


  • Self-service and continuous operation
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Increased speed of service
  • Easy usage and secure payment
  • Customizable solution
  • Intuitive and interactive experience

Choosing touchscreen terminals with the latest generation of payment methods is relying on reliable devices to facilitate the checkout process for increasingly time-pressed customers. Our touchscreen terminals offer several advantages:

  • They free up transaction space at the point of sale, allowing personnel to focus on other tasks.
  • They provide essential support for an improved customer experience, reducing wait times and providing quick responses to product information inquiries (details, prices, availability, etc.).
  • They offer complete autonomy for customers without the need for third-party intervention.
  • They help reduce the margin for errors.


Make your in-store experience simpler for your customers with cash register and digital display kiosks. They will allow you to guide customers during their buying process, promote your new collections, and much more. The choices available to you are numerous. The time saved at the checkout is considerable and will help streamline the shopping experience.